Home Selling Guidelines: Tips to Make Your Home More Sellable

Now that you’ve decided to put your house on the market, what exactly should you do to make it more attractive to potential buyers? Unless your home needs a major overhaul, there are some inexpensive tricks to making it more appealing. If you are a real estate agent, you can also share this tips with your clients.

Remove Clutter

This is very important. Not only is clutter unsightly, its distracting, and makes your home feel smaller. Many times potential buyers will view a room with nothing in it, and comment about how “roomy” it feels. Then, in another house, a room with the exact same dimensions is “too small.” Buyers usually don’t realize themselves that clutter in a home can make it feel smaller. It is also difficult to see the rest of the house itself with a bunch of stuff in the way. Do yourself a favor, and either rent out a storage unit or have a yard sale and get rid of the “stuff” you’ve been collecting.

Clean the Carpets

Should you clean the carpets? The answer to that question is always “Yes!” Carpets attract odors, among the dirt and whatever else fall onto them. They are a breeding ground for bacteria, and believe it or not, clean and bright carpets actually make the home feel newer and larger. Unsightly stains, especially in the entry way are a big turn off to a potential purchaser.

Touch up the Trim

Trim and wood moldings around your door frames get stained and knicked from continuous fingerprints and wear. Buy some touch up paint that matches the color of your trim or stain if need be and cover up those blemishes that might be marring your otherwise perfect baseboard and door trim. Each time a buyer turns on a light in your home, the first place their eye wanders to is the molding located just inches away. Providing a new coat of paint or stain gives the whole house a finished look.

Hire a Stager

Unless you have a flair for design, you may need the services of a professional stager. This is someone who helps you to rearrange your furniture, or adds some of their own accents to yours. It’s amazing how situating a couch in a certain position can lead the eye to other trendy accents. A nicely laid out design can help your visitors to envision themselves living in your home. The better it looks and feels, the more comfortable and homey it will be to them.